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About Remedia-Health 

Remedia-Health is the collective expertise of Dr Cathrine and Professor Jonathan Edgeworth.


Cathrine (Dr Cathrine Edgeworth PhD FRPharmS) leads in aesthetics (cosmetic injectables) medications, vitamins, chronic pain and travel advice .


Whilst Jonathan's(Professor Jonathan Edgeworth PhD FRCP FRCPath) expertise lies within diagnostic, antimicrobials and disinfectants . 

Edgeworth_Aesthetics (E_A)

Edgeworth_Aesthetics is the aesthetic arm of Remedia-Health.


Our aim at E_A is not to produce marked differences in your appearance. The changes will be subtle. You will definitely notice them yet still subtle


At E_A we love to renew your confidence in your  appearance and make the absolute most of your features.

E_A is led by Dr Cathrine Edgeworth, a consultant  clinical pharmacist, over 25 years NHS experience.

Dr Cathrine offers cosmetics treatments that can shape, lift, rejuvenate and enhance your appearance. 

Your injectable beauty needs met at E_A

Our team is dedicated to giving you a new beauty. 

Why not email us or call for a free consultation ?

Botulinum Toxinfor fine lines, 'gummy lips' and eyebrow lift

Cheek bone defining

Jaw-line redrawing

Or lovely subtle fuller lips

Plus Profhilo and Redensity-1 for a skin boost, lift, fresher look and satin skin

Coming soon -chemical peels

Dr Cathrine will do her utmost to meet your own personal needs


Edgeworth_Aesthetics, email:

Experts in Medical Aesthetics,

Catch our 30 day Sale ? 25% off ALL dermal-filler injectables ?

Call 07796193246

Model with Flowers in her Hair

Model with Flowers in her Hair

funky girl

Feel rejuvenated

Feel rejuvenated

Chart & Stethoscope

Chart & Stethoscope

Medical form with stethoscope

Medical form with stethoscope

Pharmacy Counter

Pharmacy Counter

Medicines optimised for your needs

An aesthetic doctor (of pharmacy) will review and meet your aesthetic needs : Dr Cathy Edgeworth BPharm, PhD FRPharmS, FFRPS

Image by Rushina Morrison


Bespoke, Subtle, yet Remarkable.

Model with White Flowers

Dr Cathrine Edgeworth, BPharm, IP, PhD FFRPS, FRPharmS



Dr Catherine Edgeworth PhD FRPharmS  worked in the National Health Service (NHS) in critical care in the world renowned critical care unit at Guys and St.Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust for more than 25 years. She is passionate about patient and now client care. She maintains her academic and limited clinical role.

In 2017, she decided to embark on a new role, and trained in advanced cosmetics. Dr Cathrine opened Edgeworth Aesthetics from her home in Petersfield.

She loves the idea of making someone feel better about themselves and giving the client more confidence. Cosmetics really helped Cathrine when her mental health was poor. 

Cathrine aims to provide a safe and effective clinical cosmetic service. 

Cathrine is HarleyMedical, KTtraining, KevinKIT and KCH trained.



Image by Autumn Goodman


Email or call for free (no obligation) consultation

About Edgeworth_Aesthetics

Fillers, Botulinum Toxin and Bespoke Clinical Advice. 
Botox from £150 and Dermal fillers from £250.

We also provide professional medication review, pain management
At Edgeworth Medical Services (EMS), our mission is simple - to do our utmost to make you feel rejuvenated.and clinical study interpretation.
Do contact us. We just might be able to help.

Contact Us

Edgeworth Medical Services (EMS) is committed to providing quality and comprehensive healthcare. To learn more about our clinic and how we can help you, get in touch with us today.

2 Trinity Barns, Weston, Petersfield GU32 3NN, UK


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Welcome to Edgeworth_Aesthetics

Welcome to Edgeworth_Aesthetics. Our team is dedicated to providing patients with comprehensive services to benefit their health and well-being. With our streamlined registration system and responsive diagnosis procedure, we have more time to focus on helping patients find treatments to feel better, and connecting them with resources to help them stay that way.


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