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With a cumulative total of almost 60 years experience in working in the NHS,
Cathrine and Jonathan are well placed to provide expert advice in a wide range of specialities :-
1. Pain management Cathrine is well versed in this field from both the pharmacist and the patient perspective. She has had complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) for 6 years.  She understands living in pain only  too well. She is also a trustee of CRPS UK. One of the leading charities for CRPS.
2. Infection and antimicrobial advice. Jonathan is a leading research in hospital acquired infection (HAI). Cathrine appreciates only too well what qualities make a novel agent appealing in complex patients. She has led and published a number of pharmacokinetic studies. 
3. Medicines and the NHS
Cathrine has a wide breadth of clinical expertise in medicines optimisation in most pathologies.


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